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Uczestnicy #2

Dorian Folga

I am a dependable, result-oriented and open-minded person eager to learn new things and striving for continued excellence. I am a person who easily adapts to new surroundings is engaged in work also being as part of a team. I am creative, friendly and hardworking person. I like music , playing guitar, making sound systems.

Mateusz Koszyk

I am studying in 3 – secondary school. I am interested in computers since primary school. I did a lot of simple things on my own way like install and repair system Windows, install software, repair computer. I easily learn new things and I am open to new challenges. I am precise, conscientious and observant. I am a creative, articulate person who finds it easy to communicate with others. I’m interested in breakdance.

Robert Kuczera

I'm studying to ICT in Polish school. I can use CAD programs on PC and many another things. My passion is the computer and everything what belong to him. I would get new skills in work, learn better English and new technologies.
I am ambitious and I strive for perfection. As a team player I like to cooperate with other people. I like riding a bicycle and playing football.

Robert Maciączyk

I did a lot of simple things on my own way like configurate routers in houses, install and repair system Windows problems, upload software to mobile phones, combine wires. I do all my works very honestly and carry out my duties. I can organize my system of work. I have always enjoyed working with people so it allows me to be a part of the team. I learn very quickly, various works are not problem for me. I like playing football. I’m interested in astronomy. I like fishing and riding a bike.

Brandon Nietrzpiel

I easily and quickly learn, willing to learn some new issues. Previously I worked as a volunteer, and performing the work associated with my education. I have always enjoyed working with people and think my previous experience will allow me to work as part of the team. I making photography and 3D design. I am also interested in reading, movies and cycling.

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